Single Knee Replacement

If medications, changing your activity level and using walking supports are no longer helpful, Total Knee Replacement surgery might be a choice. By resurfacing your damaged knees and worn surfaces, TKR can relieve your pain, correct your leg deformity and help you resume your normal activities.

I have been performing TKR surgery since 1988 in the United Kingdom and from 1990 in India. All of my surgeries are today performed at The Fortis Malar Hospital. 200 Knee replacement surgeries are performed per year at our centre.

Special packages are available as follows:

The Package Includes:

Cost of Implant; Optetrack, Exactech, (USA)

Room Charges for 5 days / Nursing Charges 

Lab Tests & Transfusion; Radiology; Chest XR, Knee XR

Operation Room Charges; Theater fee / Anesthesia Medications / Theatre Consumables

Medications – Antibiotics, Pain medications / DVT prophylaxis

Surgeon Fee /Assistant Surgeon Fee /Anesthetist Fee; Physiotherapy

The Package Excludes charges for inpatient stays in excess of 5 days, Consultations with Other specialists (5%), ICU stay if required in unstable patients (1%), Treatment of unforeseen complications. (2%)

The prices quoted are based on the average bill amount of the last several patients and is actually not an absolute amount. Most patients (60%) get a refund from the quoted figures. Some patients had to pay more (10%)

Multi Bed           : Rs. 210,000/-
Sharing Room   : Rs. 220,000/-
Single Room      : Rs. 250,000/-
Deluxe Room     : Rs. 300,000/-
Suite Room        : Rs. 350,000/-
Special discounted packages available for GIPSA insured Patients.