Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Advantages of Hip Resurfacing Surgery include:

Bone Preservation
Minimized risk of dislocation
If required, ease of revision

This successful, bone conserving procedure, combined with the virtual elimination of dislocation and excellent survivorship make Hip Resurfacing ideal for the active young patient.


The Package Includes:
Cost of Implant
Room Charges for 5 days 
Lab Tests, Radiology; Pelvis XR
Operation Room Charges; Theater fee / Anesthesia Medications / Theatre Consumables
Medications; Routine Medications / Antibiotics Pain Medications / DVT prophylaxis – Kendall SCD, 
Surgeon Fee /Assistant Surgeon Fee /Anesthetist Fee, Physiotherapy

The Package Excludes:
Charges for inpatient stays in excess of 5 days 
Consultations with Other specialists

Sharing Room      :Rs  2,80,000/- 
Single Room        :Rs  3,00,000/- 
Deluxe Room       :Rs  3,30,000/-a