Revision Knee Replacement

Following successful Total Knee Replacement, 90% of patients are leading a symptom free life at 20 years. However, complications do occur. Commonest of them all is Infection, which if detected early can be controlled with appropriate antibiotics. In the long term, aseptic loosening can occur, leading to bone loss and recurrence of pain. Occasionally, these patients need Revision of the Knee Implant, which means another surgery.



Revision knee replacement is technically demanding, needs careful planning and also a variety of add-on in terms of implant accessories will need to be made available in the operating theatre before commencing surgery. We routinely perform Revision surgery at our hospital for those patients who need it. Other common complication we see is a fracture of the bone near the site of implant, on the rare occasion when a patient falls down on landing/twisting on the operated leg  This needs special plating technique with the Locking compression plate technique.



The longevity of Revision implants are generally lesser than those of conventional knee replacements and typically last for about  10-15 years only. The cost of Revision surgery is variable depending on the customization of the implant required, antibiotic usage and other co-morbid conditions. Implant costs can vary from about 100,000/- to Rs. 200,000/-. The total cost of revision surgery can vary from 300,000/- to 400,000/-