My Affiliations

Indian Orthopedic Association 

Have been a Life Member of the IOA - LM 1561, since 1990.

Have participated in most of the Annual meetings

American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons - 151329

Have been an International Affiliate Member of the AAOS since 1997

Attended the Annual meetings at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Dallas, New Orleans, San Diego Chicago and Orlando.

Association of Surgeons of India

Life Member of the IOA since 1991

TamilNadu Orthopedic Association

Also, a Life Member of TNOA since 1991 and have participated in all the annual meeting activities including paper presentations and chairing of various sessions

Indo-German Orthopedic Association

Life member of the Indo-German Orthopedic Association since its inception in 1991. have been regularly attending meetings of this forum and participated in research programs

Indian Medical Association

Life member of the Indian Medical Association since 1991.

Registered with the Tamilnadu Medical Council since 1981 -Regn: 34460

General Medical Council

Permanent Registration with the General Medical Council, London Regn: 3373585