Implants Used

Implants Used for Joint Replacement Surgery
Knee joint is basically a hinge joint with some rotational and gliding movement. The parts come in 3 - 4 pieces of varying sizes to suit different sizes of knees. They weigh around 500 grams in all. Contrary to popular belief the knee joint is not entirely removed and replaced with artificial parts. Instead only the worn out surfaces are sliced away, using sophisticated jigs and occasionally computer guidance and resurfaced with a combination of metallic and plastic implants.
The Femoral component is made up of Cobalt-Chromium alloy, the Tibial component of Titanium and the middle spacer of High Density PolyEthylene. Occasionally the knee cap is also replaced which is usually made of the same Polyethylene.
Since almost all our patients prefer only imported implants for their surgery we do not stock indigenous made ones. However if you would like to save on costs and prefer Indian implants we can make it available on special request, which needs adequate notice.

Implants Used for Knee Replacement Surgery

Attune® Knee System (DePuy Synthes)


All patients are issued with an Implant certificate, consisting of the original manufacturers bar coded label, of each individual components used in every joint replacement  surgery. Empty carton packing of the actual implanted material is also handed over to you.

Implants Used for Hip Replacement Surgery

Novation Hip Implants (Exactech)

A variety of combinations are available for Hip Replacement surgery. Materials used range from stainless steel, titanium, cobalt chromium and ceramic. Cemented, cementless, hybrid and several combinations are used in accordance with patient requirements.